The conference has the 5 Rooms.
You can visit anyone.
To do this follow the link "Room Entrance".
Don’t forget to enter PASSWORD. It is on your mail (letter from ... @
Download the conference program.
Общий зал
Зал Мери и Боба Гулдингов / Mary and Bob Goulding
From 9.00 to 10.30 Tony White, TSTA-P Supervision
From 11.00 to 14.00 John Parr, TSTA-P
Room Эрик Берен / Eric Berne
Room Конча де Диего Моралес / Concha de Diego Morales
Зал Мюриэл Джеймс / Muriel James
Зал Клод Штайнер / Claude Steiner
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