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Program of conference

 April 24, 2020 

10.30 - 11.30
Drobez Lidija
How to Build Resilience In Turbulent Times
Lidija Drobez, Executive Coach, MBA, Certified Integrative Psychotherapist Mindfulness (Slovenia)
Racket System: R. Erskine and M.  Zalcman Racket Analysis Model
Ekaterina Kabanova, Body-oriented Psychologist, psychologist in the TA modality (Russia)
Transaction Analysis - Eastern version: Personal Future Script
Galina Makarova, Сertified Psychotherapist EAP (Russia)
11.30 - 12.30
Sari van Poelje  TSTA-O
Dealing with organizational crises

Sari van Poelje, TSTA-O, Drs., Msc (Netherlands)
Suicidal and aggressive behavior associated to the stress factor of COVID-19
Dmitry Schustov, TSTA (P), Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of Department at Ryazan State Medical University
Виктория Михайлова
Emotional assertiveness Model as key to «walk the talk» of emotional intelligence and managing relationships
Victoria Mikhailova, Master Trainer of Process Communication Model & Emotional Assertiveness (France)
Susan George TSTA-P
Everyone at home - Exploring the liminal space! 
Susan George, TSTA-P (India) 
12.30 - 13.30
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
Grieving under special conditions of losses in a pandemic
Victoria Dvoinishnikova, psychologist, CTA-P, psychology teacher
Дали Брегвадзе
Features of psychotherapy with a client from a different culture
Dali Bregvadze, CTA-P (Russia)
Исаева Наталия Владимировна  СТА-Р
Emotional Literacy Guide. What to do with feelings

Natalia Isaeva CTA-P (Ukraine)
Илья Андреевич Федотов  контракт на CTA-P
Scientific research in TA: time to join efforts
Ilya Fedotov, contract CTA-P, PhD, associate Professor of the Department of psychiatry of Ryazan state medical University, delegate from Russia to EATA (Russia)
13.30 - 14.30
Анна Зуйкова  контракт на СТА-Р
Working with volunteer migrants using TA and creative techniques

Anna Zujkova, contract CTA-P, psychologist, art therapist (Russia/Slovenia)
How do we find meaning in crises?
Dmitry Panfilov, psychologist, head of the psychological center "KMT" (Ukraine)
анна головань
Relational units (Relational units, R. Little, EBMA 2019) and the theory of object relationships. Therapy through transfer-countertransference matrices with a new object
Anna Golovan, PTSTA, ECP holder (EAP) (Ukraine)
Юлия Зайцева
"- Pint of the future-stuff please
- Оne pint of heavy?
- The light one please"
Choosing the Utopias: poli-narrative approach 
Julia Zaitseva, Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of General psychology, Head of the psychological center for personal stories "Freeing Words", poly-narrative practitioner
14.30 - 15.30
Катерина Булгакова
Personal adaptations and stress
Ekaterina Bulgakova, PTSTA-P, head of Trainers Council of USTA (Ukraine)
Екатерина Ивановна Мариньейро Фаньа  контракт на СТА
Dreams of a client during a crisis as a key to a life script 
Ekaterina Marinheiro Fanha, contract CTA-P (Russia / Portugal)
Людмила Шёхолм
Work with couples

Ludmila Sjoholm, PTSTA-P (Russia / Finland)
Хосе Мартинес (1)
Jose Manuel Martínez Rodríguez TSTA-P (Spain)
15.30 - 17.00
17.00 - 19.00
At the conference, you can take supervision. Each of the supervisor is ready to give supervision to 3 people.Participants of the conference will be able to observe the supervision. The supervision itself is paid additionally.
Supervision with
Dmitry Schustov, TSTA (P), Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of Department at Ryazan State Medical University
Людмила Шёхолм
Supervision with Ludmila Sjoholm, PTSTA-P (Russia / Finland)
Катерина Булгакова
Supervision with
Ekaterina Bulgakova, PTSTA-P, head of Trainers Council of USTA
Зуйкова Надежда Леонидовна  PTSTA-P
Supervision with Nadejda Zujkova, PTSTA-P (Russia)
19.30 - 20.30
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
Repressed and forbidden feelings during isolation
Alla Dalit, Ph.D., СTA-P (Russia/Montenegro)
Лена Кушнир
Working with the body component of the script (integrative psychotherapy R. Erskina, integrative-somatic psychotherapy R. Selvam, body-oriented approaches that work with trauma)
Lena Kushnir, Psychology teacher, body-oriented therapist (Russia)
Василий манзар
Paradoxical Theory of Change in TA

Vasily Manzar psychoanalytically-oriented therapist, psychotherapist in the method of integrative psychotherapy by Richard G. Erskine (Russia)
Current situation as a stress factor in patients with Eating Disorders
Dina Kononova, PTSTA-P (Russia)
21.00 - 22.00
Mario Salvador PTSTA-P
Trauma physiological process with psychological consequences
Mario Salvador, PTSTA-P, CIIPTS, Trainer and Supervisor of Brainspotting (BSP) (Spain)
Пингарева Ирина
Needs to be met in relationships, R. Erskine

Irina Pingareva, contract CTA-P (Russia)
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
Quarantine or how hard is just "being"
Vladimir E. Gusakovsky, TSTA-P, PhD Phys.-Math. Sciences, ECP (European Certified Psychotherapist) (Russia)
Зуйкова Надежда Леонидовна  PTSTA-P
Ethical dilemmas and principles of psychotherapeutic help (as applied to our day)
Nadejda Zujkova, PTSTA-P, PhD of medical Sciences; associate Professor, Chairman of the MOP-Association (Russia)

April 25, 2020

10.30 - 11.30
Аюпова Наталья
Fear and behavioral patterns in response to isolation depending on attachment styles  
Natalia Ayupova, contract CTA-P (Russia)
Situational leadership. Business model for use for counseling organizations and psychotherapy
Olga Vyatkina, contract CTA-P (Russia)
Наталья Спенсер
Working with emotions in the borderline process
Natalya Ehonska-Spencer, CTA-P, PTSTA-P, CIIP, UT-IIPTS (Ukraine)
Maria Ulrika Widen  PTSTA-C
The values of Counseling: "How to find new meanings in times of crisis" 
Maria Ulrika Widen, PTSTA-C, Art therapist (Italy)
11.30 - 12.30
Валентина Валерьевна Митрофанова  контракт на СТА
Essential Oils and TA

Valentina Mitrofanova, contract CTA-P
Ольга Милошевич
How to use high stress situations to advance in therapy.
ONLINE technique for combining reliance on bodily sensations (or symptoms) and transforming fantasy 
Olga Milosevic, contract CTA-P (Ukraine/Croatia)
Татьяна Валерьевна Садэ
Breathing as an instrument to dealing with stress
Tatyana Sade, physiotherapist, Certified teacher in Hanna Somatics and Clinical Somatics, Body therapist. (Ukraine)
Ольга Кочеткова-Корелова
How to satisfy hunger by structure while sitting at home in quarantine? 
Olga Kochetkova-Korelova , psychologist-consultant, author and host of webinars on living through crises and changes, content editor of the project Psychologies (Russia)
Mark Widdowson, TSTA-P
(United Kingdom)
12.30 - 14.30
14.30 - 15.30
Зыкова Анна Николаевна
Self-harming behavior. Psychoanalytic look at this phenomenon with illustrations from fiction (Part 1)

Anna Zykova, Ph.D. candidate OPP, IPPaP teacher (Russia)
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
Supervision with
Boris Volodin, MD, professor, TSTA-P (Russia)
(Part 1)
Working styles. (Part 1)
Dmitry Kasjanov, psychologist, publisher ("Metanoia"), translator (Russia)
Марина Соломоновна Соковнина  кандидат СТА-Е
Discussion. Human in the modern world:
Features of the development of the civilization in modern context. How it affects psychotherapy and education
Marina Sokovnina, candidate CTA-E, teacher-psychologist, teacher MIR-TA (Russia)
15.30 - 16.30
Зыкова Анна Николаевна
Self-harming behavior. Psychoanalytic look at this phenomenon with illustrations from fiction (Part 2)
Anna Zykova, Ph.D. candidate OPP, IPPaP teacher (Russia)
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
Supervision with
Boris Volodin, MD, professor, TSTA-P (Russia)
(Part 2)
Working styles (Part 2)
Dmitry Kasjanov, psychologist, publisher ("Metanoia"), translator (Russia)
Кристина Шевалье TSTA-O  TSTA-C
How to use the experience of the moment to succeed tomorrow
Christine Chevalier, TSTA-O, TSTA-C (France)
16.30 - 17.30
Кандидат на СТА -О
Drivers and script processes

Roksana Yashchuk, CTA-P, Member of EATA, ITAA. President of the USTA. СTA-O candidate (Ukraine)
Quarantine spring: how not to write a book in isolation?

Alexey G. Sivov, writer, counselor (Russia)
Leadership in conditions of uncertainty and stress
Olga Datsko, contract CTA-O, psychologist, organizational consultant, mediator (Ukraine)
Ирина Басиста контракт на статус СТА
Attachment in action
Irina Basista, contract CTA-P, Integrative Psychotherapy Practitioner TA (Ukraine)
17.30 - 18.30
Formation of the client base of starting TA specialist. Social Network promotion - opportunities and risks
Elena Medvedeva, online psychologist-consultant for first-born mothers, certified consultant for working with clients with psychosomatic requests, APPL, CBPA, SOTA, psychologist of the social project “Helping Moms” - help4mam
Transactional analysis+sand therapy with children
Natalia Grishina, contract CTA-P (Russia)
Social rehabilitation of endogenous patients in group therapy using the theory of ego states and selected TCS methods (therapy of creative self-expression)
Tatyana Gogoleva, contract CTA-P, clinical psychologist, certified specialist in TCSB (therapy with creative expression according to M.E.Burno), certified practitioner of NLP
Елена Сергеевна Соболева  TSTA-Р
Sources of power for creating opportunities
18.30 - 19.30
Алла Евгенивна Далит CTA-P
TA in somatic and psychosomatic practice

Boris Volodin, MD, professor, TSTA-P (Russia)
Psychological and collegiate help in this "bloody" coronavirus time in Czech Republic. The Nation For Itself
Blanka Čepická, PhD, PTSTA-P (Czech Republic)
Tales of Depression as a way out of crisis script
Victoria Moreva, psychologist-psychoanalyst, lecturer, Ph. D.
Елена Сергеевна Соболева  TSTA-Р
Supervision with Elena Soboleva, TSAT
Richard Erskine, TSTA-P, CIIPTS (USA/Canada)
20.00 - 21.00